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The Sovereign Project was built from necessity for people like you.

The masses are being left behind and they don’t know it. Government overreach is a concern for millions across the planet, and there are very few places offering an alternative way of living. This is the domain of the Sovereign Project.

Learn With Us: Get access to live videos, downloadable resources, library access and monthly accountability calls where we answer any questions you may have on a variety of topics such as crypto Investments, second citizenships and much more!

Share Ideas: Connect with like-minded individuals in a pursuit of freedom and sovereignty. The network will grow as you do!

Learn For Life: Soak yourself in the information we share and interact with the network at your own pace.

In Essence, The Sovereign Project will teach you how to live a life of freedom.

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What’s inside The Sovereign Project?

The network is web-based subscription that you can access either via an App or Web browser.

Within the network, we have courses on Mindset, Cryptocurrency, Protecting your Assets, Property Investment, Precious Metals, Second Citizenships and much more. These courses are updated regularly with new content, requested by you, our members.

Within the network, you have access to two live videos per month; where our founders chat to hub members in-the-moment, discussing the ever-evolving landscape, relevant topics and asking any questions you may have.

We like to think we have created what we needed (and still do), on our journey to personal sovereignty and wealth freedom, sharing this knowledge without the expensive price tag.


The courses are your guides to becoming a sovereign being.

Each month, new course content will be added.

Courses Include:

Sovereign Mindset, Property Investment, Cryptocurrency, Investment, and Global Citizenship

Community Membership

You become who you surround yourself with.

Network with our community of Sovereign Individuals. Share your ideas, your wins, and network for your business.

Your network is your net worth. This is an opportunity to build a network worthy of your abundant future.

Live Videos & Webinars

We host 2 monthly interactive webinars, where we discuss current events, topics and answer any questions.

All webinars are recorded, so you can catch up at a later date.

We’ll also be talking with experts in different fields to get their expertise in the community.

Get A Full Refund If You're Not Happy After 1 Year.

No Questions Asked.

Yes, you heard right. If after 1 year in the network, if you’re not happy with our service, we will grant you with a full refund.

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